Hi, I'm Everest.

I'm about to be your new best friend.


I believe that

spiritual work should speak your language, be practical to apply, and easy to remember. It shouldn't take a long time and it doesn't need to be difficult.

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Why things manifest gradually…

I was about 15 the first time I heard the term quantum physics, and immediately a voice in my head said: “Life is a highway with many cars in many lanes. When two vehicles are going the same speed, the passenger can jump into the next lane over. Deja vu is when two cars several lanes away are going at the same speed.”

This freaked me out, and I also had no idea what it meant. Around the same time I saw a drawing of a piece of paper being folded...



breaking broke.

The two arenas in our life we usually feel the most lack are Love and Finances. Why? Because both are blocked by issues with self-worth.

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1:1 training and teacher training.

If you're not getting the results you want out of life, it's because there's a spiritual law you're not aware of, that you don't know how to get above. I show you how to get above.

What would be possible for you if I was obsessed with bringing you to your highest levels of success in all areas of life?


featured video.

Every time you make a new promise to yourself, without keeping every single other promise you’ve made to yourself - your inner voice laughs at you. You don’t trust yourself. Why? It’s simple. You haven’t been trustworthy. This 15 minute exercise will change your life and instantly boost your poor self-esteem. You can do it!


 how we give back.

I believe that the more time we spend with our children, the better. Our philanthropic passion is being the miracle for parents who are stuck in difficult job situations that don’t leave them any free time. We supply these families with the business tools, startup capital, and wholehearted cheering on to launch flexible, lucrative businesses based on what they love the most. In addition to this, we offer full-ride scholarships to my business building workshop From Scratch to single parents and low income families, and admit select students on scholarship to teacher trainings and group coaching. In the last 12 months we’ve given almost 20k back to this area we’re most passionate about. Free children begin with available, understanding parents. It brings our family so much joy to give this gift of time to others.

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