Everest Asher is a mother, spiritual teacher, and author.


She was born and raised in the notorious doomsday sex cult, The Children of God. She escaped at age fourteen, after enduring over a decade of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. Shellshocked and confused, she turned to sex, eating disorders, drugs, and alcohol in an attempt to control the chronic chaos in her life. She spent eleven years listening to people's problems as a bartender in the artist haunts of New York City. After several attempts to clean up and start her own business, in 2015 she found her best friend and fiancé dead in their home. She decided to quit her job, max out her credit cards, and travel the world searching for meaning to the inevitable suffering that was her life. She found it.

She has since devoted her life to studying spiritual concepts, and teaching fellow cynics practical ways to utilize these tools to create massive success, joy, and lasting change. She has coached a myriad of CEO's, artists, and entrepreneurs. She specializes in healing addictions of all forms, changing the past, aligning you with your purpose, teacher trainings, and integrating spiritual technologies into marketing, advertising, and sales.

She believes that spiritual work should speak your language clearly, be easy to understand, and be practical for you to apply where you are right now.

You can find her barefoot in New Mexico.