Why things manifest gradually.


I was about 15 the first time I heard the term quantum physics, and immediately a voice in my head said: “Life is a highway with many cars in many lanes. When two vehicles are going the same speed, the passenger can jump into the next lane over. Deja vu is when two cars several lanes away are going at the same speed.”

This freaked me out, and I also had no idea what it meant. Around the same time I saw a drawing of a piece of paper being folded into the shape of a crane and gradually becoming a real bird. I knew this was connected to what I had heard. I needed to get the missing pieces to this theory, and even back then I knew that when I teach something, I can learn what I didn’t know I knew. I told people I had come across this essay by a quantum physicist who killed themselves, so that I could reject any criticism, or credit for that matter. For much of my life I was erroneously certain that I was an idiot, so I would rarely share my ideas with anyone.

It’s amazing how when we align with our purpose, it’s as if it had been there all along. Here’s why.

Life is a highway with many lanes, and the full manifestation of what you’ve been praying for is several lanes away. However, the next lane over looks almost identical, with just a few tweaks here and there. To get from where you are now to where you want to be, is a gradual progression through the lanes. It’s like this because if you were to go to sleep a piece of paper, and wake up a full-on crane, you wouldn’t know how to handle it. Just like when people win the lottery and blow it all while simultaneously experiencing the worst “luck” you’ve ever seen. They can’t handle the full experience because they didn’t work up to it.

Many times we’ll feel as if our prayers aren’t being answered, or that the small step we’ve been presented with today will never bring us where we’re ultimately trying to go. You must understand that no matter what lane you’re in, you’re never moving backwards. Every day you get closer to what it is you’re calling in, no matter how stuck you feel. Every day the scenery shifts oh so slightly to support what you desire. The signs are always there and have always been there, if you can remember to look. The shift is gradual, and when it comes (and it will come) you will feel like it’s truly yours, and that it’s not going to be suddenly taken away.

Close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Think of three things you’re grateful for and *important* why you’re grateful for them. When you’ve finished your gratitude repeat after me: “I’m ready now. Show me the next step, and give me the courage to take it.”


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Everest Asher