Cracking Codependency

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Codependency is one of the sneakiest, most misdiagnosed emotional addictions there is. Someone who is codependent is usually under the assumption that their needy partner would really benefit from this workshop, not realizing that they are in fact the one suffering from codependent habits. The confusion of being needed with being loved causes the codependent to create all kinds of problems so they can be the one to fix them. This sabotage creates a whirlwind of drama in their relationships. The codependent will usually walk around feeling quite the martyr, as they’re always putting everyone else first - not realizing that this destructive pattern is responsible for basically all their suffering.

Anyone who feels like they keep attracting needy partners, who feels like they have to be the one to do/fix everything, who are consumed with worry about the people in their life, who feel like everyone comes before them, and that they’re actually doing pretty good.

Cracking Codependency is a two hour digital workshop. There is no prerequisite homework for this event, you just show up 🤗

Here’s what you’ll get: The Full (Digital) Cracking Codependency Workshop

Cracking Codependency $77
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