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You have the permission and ability to create as much wealth as you want, for life. Reaching your first financial goal is such an achievement! However, you will grow, and making the leap from five figures to six figures, or four figure months to five figure months requires a different set of tools. This is why it seems like you’ve been stuck where you have been for so long. You are in the circle of success, which is not scalable. You’ve created your first tier of success but you don’t know how to change the levels. Now you’re outgrowing it and you feel like you’re going to be stuck forever, which is not true. Once you get the new set of tools, they’ll be the same for the rest of your journey. The first leap is the hardest, and I don’t know anyone who did it without mentorship.


Who it’s not for:


Without something to apply this work to, you won’t get the full benefits of the work. You need to have an existing job that you are passionate about, or your own venture. This is useful at any stage of entrepreneurship. However if you are unemployed or have no interest in your current job, you would need to align yourself with your purpose before this would be valuable work for you. If you are not ready to get cracking on the work necessary to scale from job to empire because of lack of willpower or direction I would recommend getting personal coaching or beginning with my workshop From Scratch. If you’re unemployed, unmotivated, resistant to change, and unwilling to put some elbow grease into the next six months, this is not for you. This workshop is for someone who wants to spiritually and financially expand their current project, not for some who wants to create a brand new one. A person with a dream and nothing to apply it to would get 10k worth of value from this workshop, but if you had an existing business plan you would get 50-75k worth of value from this workshop.

Who it is for?


You’re a boss at heart. You’ve learned a lot, you’re getting better and better at what you do, but you’ve been at this plateau for so long you’re wondering if the Universe just doesn’t want you to have more than where you are right now. You are committed to creating a high quality experience. You have no interest in one-off customers you can’t believe actually paid you that one time. You treasure word of mouth connections, your word is your bond, and you know somewhere in your heart that if you could just get past this one little block, there would be no stopping you. You have started your own business even if it's just a teeny tiny bit, or are a part of a business you are ready to go the distance with.

This is a must for admittance.


Empress is a six month, twelve session group coaching experience navigating the spiritual and business obstacles that are a rite of passage when you make the leap from your first financial goal to all future goals. A maximum of 4 members per group ensures that the business and spiritual information you receive here will not be one-size-fits-all. It will be absolutely, perfectly tailored to you, your specific business, and your specific blocks. I’ve learned from experience hosting this workshop that it works best if we don’t have any curriculum, as each person is at a different stage in their business and spiritual journey, and requires special attention. I interviewed some of the top business coaches in the country and learned that mindset is the majority of the work at all levels, but you have to take that business action as well. Affirming that money flows to you will do nothing if you don’t have a direction through which money can flow. Get you a coach that can do both.

Empress is a six month, twelve session, microgroup coaching immersion with two tiers available for entry. We have a four person, twelve session program and an eight person (two groups of four), twelve session total program where each group of four will have six sessions apiece ( + attendance to the other group’s six sessions. Don’t underestimate this! You don’t realize how much you get from observing! If you’ve never watched me coach someone, you'll be awed at just how much you’ll take from it. Watching me coach a single person through her dilemma about feeling like she deserves more money, isn’t sure what she’s supposed to create her passive income on, or any other topic enormously benefits the entire group

If it were me (Everest) deciding, I would absolutely spring for the full 12 session experience if there was any way I could swing it. It’s not all the time that my schedule allows for coaching of this caliber, for a group this size, for a price this low. Take advantage. For real.

Empress is a six month, twelve session group coaching experience

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Each EMPRESS module is 90 minutes and hosted on Zoom. 60 minutes of lecture followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. The group of four meets alternating Thursdays at 11AM MST from January to June. The group of eight meets alternating Tuesdays at 11 AM MST from January to June. Reruns will be available the following day if you are unable to attend. There is homework between each lesson, related to your specific business.




Group of Four:

Second and Fourth Thursdays from January- June 2020 11AM MST

Group of Eight:

Second and Fourth Tuesdays from January -June 2020 - 11AM MST




you’ll notice that there is an additional monthly payment, as a service charge for your payment plan. If you make every single payment on time, you will not be required to pay the service charge. Set an alarm, and mark your calendars! Until November 15 at 3pm MST, use the coupon code ELEVENELEVEN for $500 off your $6k tuition, or EMPRESSEMPRESS for $250 off your $3k tuition. Keep your eyes out for the “have a coupon?”option BEFORE you enter your credit card information. For any assistance, please email stephanie@everestasher.com

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