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Unconditional Feminism

Unconditional Feminism is a new series of $22 classes from Everest Asher on all things women. November holds two focus groups, one on eating disorders and one on mothering, as well as a full moon women’s circle. You do not need to attend any of these live, a replay will be sent to you. The Women’s Circle is free with your subscription to @thebrujareport. All other classes require registration to attend.


Unconditional Feminism: Full Moon Women’s Circle

Welcome to your squad goals with these monthly full moon women’s circle. In this 90 minute zoom call you are invited to come study secret women’s teachings that have been passed down for centuries. Each circle will devote 30 minutes to a lecture/meditation on the monthly theme, followed by 60 minutes of sharing and support. We are happy to send you a recording after the call if you are unable to attend live.

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November 12 @ 11:00 AM MST
Drop-In : $22
Free for members of @thebrujareport


Unconditional Feminism: Eating Disorders

90 minute circle devoted to healing eating disorders through total honesty, confidentiality, and compassion. Welcome to the first place you’ll finally be able to truly talk about something so few people understand. This call is hosted on Zoom, and a rerun will be made happily available to anyone unable to attend live. There is no video for your call, and please use an alias when dialing in if you prefer to remain totally anonymous. Looking forward to seeing you. As someone who has suffered from every eating disorder and found peace, I’m honored to be able to help you heal.

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November 14 @ 11:00 AM MST
Drop-In : $22

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Innate Mothering

where does a free child begin?

This 90 minute circle is dedicated to helping you remember that you innately know how to raise your child, birth your child, feed your child, educate your child, and keep your child safe and healthy. There is no universal “right” way to parent, and the only expert advice you should trust is your own. This circle is not here to teach you what to do to be a better mom, its here to remind you that you are the best mom for your child, and that you can trust in your own wisdom. This is not mom advice. This is not a stitch and bitch. The initiated mother is the highest level of feminine. You will leave with tools for YOU, not for your child or partner. We won’t teach you how to keep your kid from screaming, we will study how you behave in the face of intensity. Because contrary to what we’ve been told - it is about you. By clearing the guilt, shame, doubt, and comparisons that keep us trapped in “am I a good enough mom?”, we liberate the innate mother, and raise free children.

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November 26 @ 11:00 AM MST
Drop-In : $22

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Black Friday Sale on Wheels:Reinvented

This is the only day that my coaching training program Wheels: Reinvented is available on sale, for a full $1000 off the usual tuition - total price $2k We offer a payment plan of seven payments of $333 The extra $333 on the price is a convenience fee for hosting your payment plan.

If you make every single payment on time, the seventh payment is free. For more information please read our full page here, or contact

Friday, November 29, 2019