You cannot expect to win a game that you don’t know the rules to. Now that we’re fully in the Aquarian age, spiritual dexterity is a MUST for survival. Look around you! Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jay Z are talking about their reliance on spiritual practice to get the results they most want to achieve.


Here’s the problem:
There’s a sequence in which you need to learn, in order to to understand the work you’re being given. For example: if you’re attempting to surrender, but you don’t trust, you will not be able to surrender no matter how much you say that you are. As a result you start to feel like "surrendering doesn't work" , which leads you to believe there's something wrong with you. Big problem.


The power of spiritual technology comes from the clear understanding of how it works. Many times we’ll intellectually “know” that something works, like knowing that a watch tells time because of gears - but if we were left on our own to try to build a watch that tells time accurately, we wouldn’t be able to because we don’t have an understanding of HOW it works. We experience this when we take heavy psychedelics. We can see that time isn’t linear, yet when we’re back on Earth we don’t understand how what we saw out there applies to our relationship to time down here.

When you understand how the unified laws of the Universe work, you can intuitively apply them to every area of your life. No checking the manual, your astrology or Tarot cards - you just know. How you attract a soul mate is how you run your business is how you raise your children is how you react to obstacles.

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

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The School of Unified Spiritual Laws (Season One) is a six month course designed to wake you up. It raises you to the next level in the most important relationship in your life- your relationship with the Divine. Season One educates you on tools you need to tap into the internal guidance system that is begging to guide your life. It will help you establish trust through an understanding of exactly what it is you are putting your trust in, and receive the guidance you need to align with your highest purpose. Each month, on Fridays, you’ll receive a crucial stepping stone in your awakening.


Our months look like this:

All lectures are one hour and begin with an original, dynamic meditation and close with practical mental homework that you’ll implement over the next two weeks. They are hosted on Zoom at 11AM MST and you can attend LIVE on Friday, or easily receive the rerun the following day. On months with five Fridays, the first monthly lecture will occur on the second Friday. For example: August has five Fridays, so our first lecture is on August 9th.


1st Friday

The first Friday is the first monthly lecture: Season One, Episode One. August 9th, 2019

2nd Friday

The second Friday is an archive from the Bruja Report, relevant to our previous discussion. This isn’t homework, it’s just a little extra boost for you between episodes to help you stay the course. This arrives in your inbox on August 16th.

3rd Friday

The third Friday is the second monthly lecture: Season One, Episode Two.
August 23, 2019

4th Friday

You’ll receive the School podcast. This is where I answer select questions you’ve submitted via Anchor during the month, so we can further tailor these laws to your life. August 30, 2019


The School runs from August 2019, to February 2020 with a break for the month of January to integrate and apply. We then take a six month break and, if you desire, you may return for Season Two in August.

Enrollment is open for one week only from July 26 until August 2. If you would like to receive updates when enrollment is open, please sign up for my
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The School of Unified Spiritual Laws


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