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Have you wished I could be your coach, but your budget is tight? The Bruja Report is the closest thing to working with me in real life, and you will get out of it what you put into it!

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Seriously. I won't be able to find you otherwise.




Magic is just spending more time on something than anyone else would reasonably expect.

Mindset work is a full time job. I personally didn’t realize how much of a full time job it is, because most teachers only show the end result and the cliff notes. What isn’t shown miles of post-it’s, trial and error, business strategy, and chewing on the same damn question for months on end works. What happens is you try to work the magic without knowing the full method, it doesn’t work, and then you’re stuck thinking there’s something wrong with you. That thought can stop everything.

Spiritual strategy is easier to apply when you see how it’s lived. By giving followers the opportunity to see what’s going on behind the scenes of @everestasher, you start to learn the method to the magic you see me working so you can start to achieve consistent results as opposed to occasional victories.



You’re a visual-learner. If I tell you once, you might forget it. If I show you once, it’ll stick. If I show you repeatedly, you’ll feel as if you could do it eyes closed. You’re self aware, feeling a bit iffy about the confines of being PC all the time, and courageous enough to take responsibility for your life. Your meditation practice feels more like discipline and less like ecstasy. You’re on a path you enjoy but a bit irritated with the slow progress. You also love the “stars without makeup” category of tabloid stuff because you’re all about the Realness.




The Bruja Report is a high-flying, fast moving, watch-and-learn conversation where you see the methods to the magic and learn how to integrate them into your life and business right now. In addition to your subscription you’ll have access to hundreds of unreleased archives on my website, from Q&A sessions to Lectures and Workshops, and Cliff Notes from Everest. Members enjoy discounted rates to my digital workshops as well as exclusive content and bonus footage. This is NOT a cherry on top, it’s an entire sundae. If you’re interested in making money the spiritual way or healing as a career, The Bruja Report is absolutely critical for knowing what action you need to take, instead of just praying it’s all going to work out.

 The Bruja Report

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