Wheels: Reinvented

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WELCOME TO WHEELS: REINVENTED - aka How to Heal Anything

"Let me recognize the problem so that it can be solved."
- A Course in Miracles


Of all of the healing modalities I've worked with, nothing has offered more tangible or more profound results for me than my studies on repairing childhood trauma. When we combine trauma repair with the ancient roadmap of the chakra system, we have a plan of action guaranteed to release us not only from the conscious blocks holding us back and triggering painful patterns, but guides us to re-cognizing and removing the unconscious blocks as well. Additionally I have long felt passionate about teaching the healers of the world how to apply psychotherapeutic coaching techniques into their existing business model to give them the freedom to scale their business. In other words, I am determined to help YOU learn how you can make more money without working more, through residual income (like digital workshops), business education, and diversifying your current offerings.


Trauma Re-Cognition has become the most unique and impactful work that I do, and the formula is really quite simple. The issue is, many of us don't realize what it is that is blocking us. For example, if you know that your fear of all good things being taken away from you is related to stability issues, and that all we need to do in order to correct things is a bit of trauma work in the first chakra and some work on guilt - you wouldn't need a workshop. However, it might take you several years of banging your head against the wall to find out that guilt is responsible for your current suffering. Additionally, when a new issue rises (and issues will rise in life) and you're not able to identify what this pervasive discomfort is - you have to do it all over again. One question I have spent the most money trying to answer via therapists, psychics, life coaches, and spiritual teachers has been:.

"What is blocking me?"


When we use the ancient chakra system as a roadmap for understanding…

I created this workshop because trauma work on it's own was too clinical, and seemed to follow a more solar-approach of treating an illness once it had manifested, as opposed to preventing one from manifesting at all. In contrast, chakra work seemed gauzy and overly esoteric. Directives like chanting RAM in chair pose or visualizing white light bathing my heart chakra were nebulous and never seemed to work on me anyways, especially when I was in SOS mode. The approach was too lunar for my mind, I needed something tangible. Something I could feel working immediately.

When we use the ancient chakra system as a roadmap for understanding the development of the psyche, and the impact that traumas have on this development - we are able to clearly see that all our potential emotional pains fall into one of seven categories. Guilt, Shame, Worry, Need for Approval , Jealousy and Comparison, Self-Doubt, and Hopelessness.

When we are able to identify every potential ailment in ourselves, and utilize a toolbox of precise formulae to repair them - we eliminate the need to outsource for emotional help. When we restore integrity not only to the blockages we were aware of, but the blockages we were unaware of as well - we reclaim our natural rights to life, love, abundance, and vitality.

Through the education offered in this course and healing yourself FIRST, you will be qualified, ready, and able to recognize these age-old wounds in others and offer them the healing strategies that changed your life.
Learn. Teach. Repeat.

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You've always known you wanted to help others, but you weren't sure how. You're known in your circles as being easy to talk to, yet until recently you haven't seen this quality in marketable terms. You're skeptical about online workshops, and just about everything else. You usually play the Devil's advocate, and ask the questions some people would consider to be intimidating. You've had a spiritual to-do list for a little while now, e.g. forgiving Dad, addressing the "random" binge, or getting around to loving yourself , but for now you're a bit more interested in the juicy Type-A stuff, like manifesting, Tarot, and third eye vision. You prefer Instagram to Facebook, get bored in yoga, reference books frequently but rarely read past page 30 (thank God for audiobooks) . You're in slasher mode still - bartender SLASH graphic designer SLASH yoga teacher SLASH poet. You're still trying to figure out which of your many facets are the shiniest. Financially you know you need more income, but you are out of billable hours. In other words, you assume that to make double the money, it will require double the work. This might be the biggest investment you've made in your dream life, although that yoga retreat /dive school/ Reiki certification back in 2015 was pretty epic ;) . You're the worlds best student when you enjoy the subject, but can't be forced to learn anything. You have to love it to get it, it's gotta fit your schedule, and you will do the journaling. I got you.



Ten Weeks of Trauma Repair. Mondays at 11AM MST (with options available for international students) there is a 45 minute lecture, followed by a trauma process, and finishing with Q&A. The total time of each call is 90 minutes, and we will adjust the Q&A session to accommodate. Throughout the program you will work with multiple partners on practicing and integrating the seven trauma formulas you will learn. This is essential, as you will feel 100x more solid charging for this work when you've had some experience with it. We do not experiment with people's minds! This training course factors in practice sessions, and participation is a MUST! Upon completion of the course you will be certified in the Evi School of Rock for trauma coaching, and you'll get my very own badge of honor to post on your website. In addition you will have a coaching program you are proud to share with the world, with lots of experience to establish a sense of certainty about the value you bring to each session. What does that mean? It means you will be absolutely sure that your work is worth it.

Lectures and Q and A are broadcasted live on Zoom and @wheelsreinvented where they will remain available for 24 hours, a recording of the broadcast will be available next day if you miss the call.

Program Overview:

+ WEEK ONE: What is Trauma?

Lecture intention: Clients leave with thorough understanding of what trauma is and the transcending theme in all trauma processes.

Homework intention: Clients learn to extract “what actually happened” from “the story” Clients begin to re-write the story through “just because __ doesn’t mean” Share a re-written story in a safe space.

+ WEEK TWO: Monday, January 14

Lecture intention: Clients learn the analogy of chakras and their psychological significance.

Practical intention: Clients learn basic analysis (three questions). Clients learn to help a client re-write their own story by isolating the narratives surrounding one relationship and creating a “just because, doesn’t mean.” statement.

Homework intention: Clients identify their higher power, create a higher power statement and share privately

+ WEEK THREE: Monday, January 21

Muladhara Chakra: "Who would I be without the guilt?

Lecture intention: Understand the formation of stability issues. Learn to identify stability issues and guilt. Learn practical work for releasing guilt.

Process intention: Learn how revisiting a memory through the eyes of an adult can be sufficient for clearing trauma.

Practical intention: Use coaching to identify the limiting trauma narrative governing your relationship to money.

Homework intention: Recognize need to forgive parents. Recognize need to forgive self. Use coaching to identify the limiting trauma narrative governing your relationship to money.

+ WEEK FOUR: Monday, January 28

Svadhisthana Chakra: "Who would I be without the shame?"

Lecture intention: Understand the origins and formation of scarcity issues and shame. Learn to identify and release various expressions of shame and scarcity.

Process intention: Learn how to rewrite and repair a traumatic memory into a supportive memory.

Practical intention: Use coaching to locate and resolve the origins of “enoughness”

Homework intention: Build self trust through keeping promises.

Move from “enough” to “more than enough”, aka from surviving to thriving

+ WEEK FIVE: Monday, February 4

Manipura Chakra: "Who would I be without the worry?"

Lecture intention: Understand the mechanics and origins of worry

Process intention: Learn how the power of inquiry can wake you up from trauma.

Practical intention: Learn how to interrupt a clients story, and help them create a new empowering belief.

Homework intention: Make strides towards stepping out of the closet as a spiritual entrepreneur. Share your truth!

+ WEEK SIX: Monday, February 11

Anahata Chakra: "Am I doing this for approval?"

Lecture intention: Origins and formation of doing things for approval. Acceptance. Authenticity. Attention.

Process intention: Create clear understanding of releasing trauma through tapping how and why.

Practical intention: Learn how to teach tapping.

Homework intention: Using mirroring to develop authenticity. Love your bad side to death! Locating and speaking from your original medicine.

+ WEEK SEVEN: Monday, February 18

Vissuda Chakra: "Who would I be without the comparison?"

Lecture intention: Dismantle jealousy, comparison and judgement by examining the mechanics and roots of jealousy.

Process intention: Learn how to teach a journaling exercise for locating trauma en masse, plus how feeling a feeling for 90 seconds can transform it.

Practical intention: Host a trauma session through journal questions.

Homework intention: Get extraordinarily clear about how your judgements are blocking you from the success you want.

Spiritual Social Media

+ WEEK EIGHT: Thursday, February 28

Ajna Chakra: "Am I crazy?"

Lecture intention: Get to the roots of your creative blockages and identity crises.

Process intention: Understand what beliefs are causing what you see and dismantle them using the technologies we’ve learned up until now.

Practical intention: Help client locate limiting beliefs determining reality.

Homework intention: Release identity conflicts. Attraction marketing through precise wording. Make a post speaking directly to your client

+ WEEK NINE: Thursday, March 7

Ahasrara Chakra: "I am that I am"

Lecture intention: Forgive God by seeing the artful and Divine placement of all events in your life. Stop seeing obstacles as adversities.

Process intention: healing trauma and opening to new possibilities through prayer to Divine Feminine. Locating the lesson through powerful questions!

Practical intention: Helping client see the bigger picture with Tony Robbins questions

Homework intention: Launch your sessions!


Chakra Eight: The Aura Akashic Records and past life trauma with my counselor, Aerin Fogel

+ WEEK ELEVEN: (after a two week break of practical)

"Go forth and conquer!"

This final call will be focused on showing you how you can convert this education plus your thorough coaching training into a paying job, replete with respectful pricing and pathways towards residual income. We'll also use this call to answer any questions about spiritual business, launch strategy, and marketing going forward.


Wheels: Reinvented

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